Best Recipe Hot and spicy macaroni 100% Delicious

Today we will share recipes and how to cook Hot and spicy macaroni , very suitable for special dishes of family and friends.

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Hot and spicy macaroni

Ingredients Hot and spicy macaroni

Before starting to cook, prepare the ingredients first. Here are the ingredients that must be prepared to make Hot and spicy macaroni :

  1. 1 packages macaroni

  2. 6 slice tomatoes

  3. 3 slice green chillies

  4. 3 slice garlic

  5. 2/3 tsp chili powder

  6. 2 tbsp chilli garlic sauce (if need)

  7. 1 vegetable oil

  8. 1 cup water

  9. 1/2 tsp black pepper

Steps Hot and spicy macaroni

After all the ingredients are ready, it's time to start cooking. Here are the steps for cooking Hot and spicy macaroni:

  1. Boil macaroni

  2. During boiling macaroni make paste

  3. Take frying pan add oil garlic and chilli stir add tomatoes then stir again and chilli sauce stir for 1 mint add water stir for 2 mint add cheak that the tomatoes are not raw if its ready add black pepper

  4. Add macaroni to the sauce stir enjoy the delicious macaroni

  5. That's how to make Hot and spicy macaroni 

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